Syabas myibox DVD Auto Load Extension

1.0 Revision History

1.1 Initial Release [20070919 - CH Kong]

2.0 Overview

Syabas myiBox provides Auto Load Extension to enable auto play for DVD and CD media data disc. In particular, the following areas are covered.

3.0 Auto load with HTML as extension

3.1 index.htm/sd_index.htm
Syabas myiBox DVD provides auto load feature to load media data disc as DVD video with HTML as extension. Simply create your own desire HTML at the root of the disc and name it to index.htm/sd_index.htm. HTML will be load automatically once detected. The following is the available HTML.
3.1.1 index.htm
Default HD mode HTML
HD mode : TV mode equal or higher than 720P
3.1.2 sd_index.htm
Default SD mode HTML
SD mode : TV mode less than 720P

4.0 Manage media streaming type with Syabas myiBox Browser HTML Extension

4.1 Syabas myiBox Browser HTML Extension
Edit index.htm/sd_index.htm using Syabas myiBox Browser HTML Extension allow user to manage the streaming type of different media content. The following is the standard format link.
File location from root
A file with cdrom:/video_ts/Ice_Age.ts
FILE_PATH = video_ts/Ice_Age.ts
Display name for HTML view
4.1.3 TAG
Browser tags that indicate media content type VOD Browser Tag
Video On Demand (vod) is Browser tag for video playback.
<a href=video_ts/Ice_Age.tsvod>Ice Age 2</a>
Play video from begin to end. AOD Browser Tag
Audio On Demand (vod) is Browser tag for audio playback.
<a href=”musics/sample.mp3aod>Sample MP3 Song</a>
Play audio from begin to end. POD Browser Tag
Photo On Demand (vod) is Browser tag for photo playback.
<a href=”photos/sunset.jpgpod>Sunset at Bali Beach</a>
Play photo sunset.jpg

Please refer to Syabas_browser_tag_2007.html for more Browser HTML Extensions.

5.0 Enable Disc Browsing Using Proprietary TVID

Home TVID will enable the directory browsing on DVD/CD data disc. User can access to data disc root directory with remote control home key. To enable this feature just insert the following line at the end of < body> in index.htm/sd_index.htm.
<a href=”http://localhost.drives:8883/CDROM/?home=1” tvid=”home”></a>
<a href=”http://localhost.drives:8883/CDROM/?home=1” tvid=”home”></a>